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About Dalsinghsarai

Dalsinghsarai is located in Samastipur district of Bihar. It was established by a General Dal Singh who was a loyal server of the Afghan ruler Sher-Shah Suri. Dalsinghsarai is also popularly known as Aghori Ghat after the Name Of the 9th Aghori Guru Dalpit Singh. Dalsinghsarai is not only an old city of Bihar but also the first railway station established in Bihar that added greater momentum to the North –Eastern Railway. The cities that is located near Dalsinghsarai are Samastipur, Gaya and Patna. Cities like Begusarai, Dharbhanga and Chhapra are also njot very from from Dalsingharai.

About Dalsinghsarai

Demography of Dalsingharai

According to the Census of 2011, Dalsinghsarai accounts vast population of 23,862 people among whom 12,552 are males and 11,310 are females. Dalsinghsarai has acquired 83.64%of male literacy and 71.44%of female literacy which is quite praiseworthy in comparison to the previous scenario of literacy rate in Bihar.

Geography of Dalsinghsarai

Dalsinghsarai coordinates at 25.6667°N latitude and 85.8333°E longitude and experiences extreme weather in summer and winters. The city majorly experience 60% humidity.

Tourism in Dalsinghsarai

Dalsinghsarai was established during the reign of Afghan ruler Sher-Shah-Suri. Secondly it was a paramount centre of Indigo Cultivation. In fact cultivation of indigo was first started in Dalsingharai in 1902. There are various tourist spots which one can enjoy and also visit places near the city.

Mansoorchak Mosque: Mansoorchak Mosque was established under the patronage of Begum Nurjahan, wife of Mughal Emperor Jehangir, This Mosque was constructed for her daily prayers while she was travelling from Kolkata to Lahore. Mansoorchak Mosque is populary known as "Nooree Masjid”

Pandav Asthan: This is a famous archaeological site where according to local beliefs ,the five brothers Yudhisthir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev along with mother Kunti & wife Draupadi had stayed .during there 13 years of exile from Hastinapur. Lately, after executing a profound excavation, the archaeologists have discovered earthen relics of Gupta Age in Dalsinghsarai.

Mannipur Temple: Mannipur Temple is a Durga Mandir which also can be visited after completing their tour in Dalsinghsarai. Along with that Thanewar temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva can also be visited.

Utility Services in Dalsinghsarai

Dalsinghsarai being a fast developing city brings all types of facilities to its residents. From hospitals to hotels and police stations you can find presence of all types of services in this city.

Hospitals in Dalsinghsarai

There are several good hospitals in Dalsingharai which provide sound medical facility.

Sub Divisional Hospital Dalsinghsarai
Dalsingharai, Bihar 848114

Ganga Hospital
Hospital Road, Dalsingharai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 085216 79101

Dr.Harihar Singh Hospital
Dalsinghsarai - Kaidrabad - Malti Rd, Gahuni, Bihar 851111.

ShivSeva Emergency Hospital Pvt.Ltd
Dalsingh Inn - Shahpur - Rampur Road, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 06278 220 904

Mahaveer Hospital
Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 091998 41366

Hotels in Dalsingharai

The local people and the tourists can surely enjoy the hospitality of the city. Some of the significant hotels are-

Hotel Bhavya
NH 28, Near Bank of Baroda, Dalsingsarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 06278 220 846.

Hotel Siddhivinayak
Gospur Road, Dalsingh Sarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 06278 220 005

Hotel Double Tree Deluxe
Old Post Office Road, Railway Colony, Samastipur, Samastipur, Bihar 848101
Phone: 094300 98983

Restaurant in Dalsingsarai

The cuisine and the food outlets are equally good as the hotels. You can visit the restaurants to enjoy homely food with family.

Shankar Bhoajnalaya
D-1, Station Road, Ramashray Nagar, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 099349 50853

Rajiv Line Hotel and Restaurants
1, NH122, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848503
Phone: 090066 06813

Sri Vishnu Bakery and Sweets
D-1, Station Road, Ramashray Nagar, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 070333 33084

Bhawani Sweets and Chat
Station Road, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 097097 81071

Cinema Halls in Dalsinghsarai

Movie Halls
People can also enjoy the ambience of the movie halls here.

Ambe Cinema
Beech- Bazaar Road, Dalsingh Sarai, Bihar 848114
Phone: 091226 16325

Anuroop Talkies Samastipur
Bahadurpur, Samastipur, Bihar 848101
Phone: 075030 26641

Laxmi Talkies
SH 50, Gandak Colony, Samastipur, Bihar 847238
Phone: 099319 11924

Petrol Pumps in Dalsinghsarai

HP Petrol Pump - Hamara Pump Biswasanti
Address: Mauza:- Wazidpur Gado At+po:-dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114

Vijaywant & Sons Petrol Pump
Address-?Vidyapati - Dalsinghsarai Rd
Phone:?06278 221 623

Indian Oil Petrol Pump
Dal Singh Sarai, NH 28?Samastipur District, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar

Ganga Fuel Centre
Oriyama Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur District, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar

ATM’s in Dalsingharai

To execute the monetary transaction it’s very important to have ATM counters. Major ATM counters of Dalsingh Sarai are mentioned below.

Address: Bina Comm Cplx, Dalsinghsarai, Samastipur, Bihar 848114
Phone: 1860 266 6161

Address: Thana Rd, Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114

Address: Dalsinghsarai, Bihar 848114

Address: Ramashray Nagar, Dalsingh Sarai, Bihar 848114

Transport in Dalsinghsarai

The easiest and simplest way to visit Dalsinghsarai is the two poignant train routes. First is Barauni-Samastipur-Muzaffarpur route while the second is Samastipur-Darabhanga route. There are many bus stops that can help in avail trips in Dalsinghsarai. From Ambedkar Bus Stand and Mangal Chowk Bus Stop you can find buses to various locations of the state. Currently there is no airport in Dalsinghsarai. The nearest airport is located at Patna.

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